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Above & Beyond

Your practice will never miss a regulation or standard change. It's our business to make sure you know.

  • Oasis is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) Compliant.
  • Oasis will always meet or exceed the standards of electronic data interchange of healthcare delivery.
  • Oasis will always meet or exceed the standards of confidentiality and security of health data protection.
  • Oasis will never miss a HIPAA advisory and neither will our Physicians.

NPI (National Provider Identifier) will be implemented on May 23, 2007. Your practice will be ready with Oasis.

To ensure Oasis is informed and up-to-date with the current problems and needs faced by today's medical practitioners, we employ a full-time medical consultant with over 20 years of medical field experience.
Janet Hodge RN, BSN
Oasis Director of Clinical Information